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ULTRA GLOSS is the wash with the wow factor. ULTRA GLOSS is a highly concentrated 300:1 dilution biodegradable formula that was developed over many years of servicing the real world detail/carwash industry where high quality results are expected. Our proprietary polymerized fluid technology in ULTRA GLOSS will clean road film, produce gloss, & provide protection to existing wax/sealant coatings all in one wash solution. If your choice for washing is a wash mitt, this unique lubricating formula reduces friction to prevent micro-scratches that may be caused by using a wash mitt. To help eliminate micro-scratches, Ask about our foam delivering tools. While rinsing ULTRA GLOSS away from the vehicle surface “sheeting” will be observed and once the surface is dry, a deep gloss that beads water will be the result. There are no carwash products that replace the need for paint correction and protective wax/sealants, but you will experience the most amazing results when you select ULTRA GLOSS as your wash.